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Welcome to Southmetro Christian Home Educators (SCHE)

SCHE is a gym-focused homeschool co-op opportunity for families with students of all ages to nurture friendships, participate in non-competitive sports, serving opportunities, teen events, games, activities and more!

Besides gym time, the heart of our group is to encourage one another in 

our homeschool journey and also in our Christian walk.

SCHE meeting information:

TimeFriday, each week from September - May; 1pm-3pm

September, October & May - outdoors in Lakeville

November, January through April - indoors in Lakeville
December - bowling month at a bowling alley (location selected annually; additional cost)

Ages5 - 18 (students must turn 5 before September 1st); younger siblings may attend with your family, however, there is no structured time for them and they must be with a parent at all times

Cost$150 per family for the entire school year; fundraisers are usually offered to help reduce the cost.

Class Breakdown:  K-2nd grade; 3rd-6th grades; 7th-12th grades (approximately 100 students K-12)

Outdoor Schedule:  1pm-2pm sport time for K-12; Playground time for PreK siblings

Indoor Schedule:
1pm-2pm sport time for K-6;  Alternate Hour
(supervised free time) for 7-12

2pm-3pm sport time for 7-12; Alternate Hour (loosely structured play time) for K-6
1pm-3pm Play time for PreK siblings (parent supervision required)

ParticipationAll families must have a parent on site each week.  Families must commit to a parent helping within the group for 2 months each school year.

If you have further questions you can email us at [email protected] 

To be eligible for membership, the applying family must: 1. clearly fit SCHE’s definitions of both family and home schooling; 2. sign and agree to SCHE’s Purpose, Statement of Faith, Statement of Family, Gender and Sexuality, Code of Conduct, and any other statement or policy put forth by the Board of Directors; 3. affirm the tenets of the bylaws; 4. conduct their lives in accordance with their affirmations; 5. and have easy access to the internet and email.The Board reserves the right to deny any family Waiting List status, membership, or renewal for any reason including but not limited to anyone who has a family member living in their household that:1. is a registered sex offender or has been convicted of a felony or a violent crime or act that can be considered a threat to the physical or mental well-being of our members;2. has been declared of unsound mind by a filed order of the court;3. lives in a family situation contrary to SCHE’s Statement of Family, Gender and Sexuality;4. is not living a God-honoring Christian lifestyle(including but not limited to current state of adultery, drunkenness, gambling or anything determined by the Board to be against God’s moral code); and/or5. has not shown Christian-like behavior as defined under definitions to a SCHE member or director.All members must continue to meet eligibility requirements at all times to retain member status.  The Waiting List is a listing of eligible families for potential membership in SCHE. These families have filled-out, signed, and returned the application form, and, to the best of the Membership Coordinators knowledge, fits SCHE’s eligibility requirements.If no invitation is offered, eligible families will remain on the Waiting List for up to one (1) year. After one(1) year, they must renew their eligibility by filling out another application. Their original date of addition to the Waiting List remains the same. No one may remain on the Waiting List who has been offered an invitation for membership for longer than three (3) years from when originally placed on the Waiting List. Once on the Waiting List, unless shown by the Membership Coordinator and agreed to by the majority of the remaining coordinators that it should be otherwise, priority for recommendation for Membership by the Membership Coordinator to the Board will be: 1. families who have children in the ages needed/desired to maintain required numbers and balance amongst the grades for both number and male/female ratio; 2. families who are past members; 3. families new to home schooling; 4. families moving to the Twin Cities who need connections and support; 5. anyone else by the date they were added to the Waiting List.

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